The Top Ten Rollercoasters You MUST Ride at Cedar Point!

12109315_1000128036692028_8825797966564627173_n23270327_1605278002843692_8585306469743895849_oFew readers may be aware that the Roller Coaster Capital of the World is actually located in Ohio! Built on the shore of Lake Erie in the northern part of Ohio, Cedar Point has the thrill seeker title of Roller Coaster Capital. And for good reason! Cedar Point boasts 18 roller coasters in addition to several other thrill and family friendly rides and a water park!

Every year, Marc and I gift his brothers a trip to Cedar Point and in honor of our latest trip, here is a breakdown of the top 10 roller coasters you must ride at Cedar Point!

  1. Blue Streak

Coming in at number ten, the Blue Streak is a fairly mild roller coaster. Though not containing as many thrills as the behemoths down the list, this coaster brings a vintage feel and throwback to Cedar Point in earlier days. For a classic coaster ride, try it out!

Speed: 40 MPH

Ride Time: 02:00

  1. Corkscrew

The corkscrew features the most loops of any other coaster in the park! It also is very low to the ground with a small initial drop. The name of the game here is definitely the loops and twists. Do note, this coaster gives a bit of a jarring experience and can be a little rougher than some of the other coasters on this list!

Speed: 48 MPH

Ride Time: 02:00

  1. Iron Dragon

The Iron Dragon is definitely a tame coaster, but don’t let that write it off. Featuring a largely over-the-water experience, it can be a refreshing break from the more hardcore rides during the day. It has a mild drop and you are in swinging cars hanging from the track, rather than on top. Especially during a day of big coaster rides, this is a great way to have a windy mild ride through refreshing mist. Also, typically the lines are very short!

Speed: 40 MPH

Ride Time: 02:30

Height: 76 Feet

  1. Raptor

The Raptor is a ride that, like the Iron Dragon, also has seats hanging from the track, but this is no mild ride! With loops an inversions, this is a breathtaking coaster. This coaster does cause jarring and your neck can whip side to side a bit!

Speed: 57 MPH

Ride Time: 02:15

  1. Top Thrill Dragster

Total disclosure: I have never ridden the Top Thrill Dragster. That being said, it had to be included on this list. The shortest ride by far on this list, it features a terrifying 90 degree drop after a terrifying ascent taking 3.8 seconds to reach 120 miles per hour. Fun fact, the Top Thrill Dragster does not always make crest the hill and sometimes rolls back to start … backwards. This normally occurs if the wind is working against the coaster.

Speed: 120 MPH

Ride Time: 00:17

Height: 420 Feet

  1. Maverick

The Maverick is a coaster that twists and turns and drops seemingly nonstop. Aptly named, the maverick feels as though you are riding a bucking bronco. Be prepared for a fast, furious, rodeo of a ride!

Speed: 70 MPH

Ride Time: 02:30

Height: 105 Feet


The Rougarou is one of my very favorite roller coasters I’ve ever ridden. Not only does it have shocking drops and loops, it is also a fairly smooth ride. I consider the Rougarou the Raptor 2.0, bigger, better, and without the jarring. If you have to pick between the two, Rougarou is worth the wait!

Speed: 60 MPH

Ride Time: 02:30

Height: 145 Feet

  1. Millennium Force

The Millennium Force is perhaps the most iconic of all of the roller coasters in Cedar Point. With only a seat belt and a bar across the waist, this ride feels the most terrifying of all. The coaster provides stunning views of Lake Erie before the first gut dropping descent. If you can survive the Millennium Force, you can survive anything. Disclaimer: I have also never ridden the Millennium Force, but Marc has several times!

Speed: 93 MPH

Ride Time: 02:00

Height: 310 Feet


The Valravn is one of the newer roller coasters in the Cedar Point menagerie and it is a top-notch addition. It painstakingly drags riders to the top of a massive hill—only to pause the coaster with riders facing the heart stopping drop below them. This pause is only long enough to strike horror, then the roller coaster proceeds to drop. The rest of the ride is fun, but this is what riders will remember, long after the ride is over.

Speed: 75 MPH

Ride Time: 02:23

Height: 223 Feet

  1. GateKeeper

The number one roller coaster you MUST ride at Cedar Point is hands down, the Gatekeeper. It’s off in its own section of the park near the Ferris Wheel and is so worth the walk. This coaster may not be the fastest, steepest, or loopiest, but it is the most fun you’ll have all day. The Gatekeeper features beautiful water views, and exhilarating drops and loops. But the best part of this ride is just how effortless it feels. There is zero jarring, no whiplash and you always feel comfortably secure as you zip around the track. This ride offers all the thrills with none of the drawbacks. I guarantee you won’t be able to stop at just one ride.

Speed: 67 MPH

Ride Time: 02:00

Height: 170 Feet

Do you agree with this ranking? Disagree? Also, what is your favorite roller coaster you’ve ever ridden? Let me know in the comments down below!

See my helpful trip tips below for more information! 😊


Per Person Cost: $ (>25) $$(25-50) $$$(50-100) $$$$(100-200) $$$$$(200+)


Daily Admission: $$

Daily Admission Fast Pass Plus: $$$$

Safety Tips

The Cedar Point Website has wonderful information on height requirements, clothing and jewelry regulations, as well as additional information regarding mobility and handicap questions.


US Dollar: To save time, buy your tickets online! If you want to play at the carnival game stalls, make sure to remember to bring some cash with you—most do not take credit card. Food stalls and restaurants take both cash and card.

For more information:

2 thoughts on “The Top Ten Rollercoasters You MUST Ride at Cedar Point!

  1. Nice work, Whitney! I am not familiar with some of the newer rides on this list. However, Top Thrill Dragster is my #1 ride of all time. You can’t prepare yourself for how fast it accelerates. So much fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha we might have to try that at some point after next year! Marc keeps trying and trying to talk me into Millenium force, but it’s pretty intimidating with only the lap bar! Thanks for reading 🙂


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