Redondo Beach Pier and All the Lobster You Could Ever Ask For!

We recently got married (yay!) and went on Honeymoon to several fabulous places I plan to share! Our first stop was Redondo Beach where we were just two blocks away from the Redondo Beach Pier and King Harbor Marina.


If you must layover a day or more at LAX, I highly recommend staying at Redondo Beach. We rented a room through Airbnb and loved the location. We had the ocean breeze, and could walk to the pier without it breaking the bank staying in LA. Our first night we decided to lay low and simply explore the pier.

Redondo Beach Pier was a fun introduction to the California coast piers. It’s not famous like Santa Monica or Venice Beach, but it wasn’t as crowded either. We arrived in mid-October and the weather was breezy and beautiful. The pier has a multitude of little tourist shops, restaurants, and even an old school arcade.

We were sorely tempted to try out the churro shop (it smelled divine) but we opted for real food instead. We passed a fish market with amazing looking fresh catches and then realized it also was a restaurant where they would cook up and serve the fresh fish as a restaurant meal. Needless to say, we were hooked. 😊


The best part about Quality Seafood Inc. was that, not only could you see the great quality catches, they had a display to show you what most dishes looked like while you waited in line to order. It was a very hard choice. Marc opted for fish and chips and received the largest fried fish I’ve ever seen in my life. I had my order all set when I saw the sign for Lobsterfest. We both LOVE lobster and, after all, it doesn’t get fresher than this. So I ordered the Lobster Fries (who cares what they are, they have to be good right?) and a Lobster Quesadilla (which just sounded incredibly cool).

The fish and chips were as good as they looked, but the real star of the show was the lobster … as you may have guessed by the title of this blog, they did not skimp on the good stuff. The lobster fries were thick cut fries with hearty chunks of lobster and topped with a ladle full of lobster bisque! Our favorite by far, however, was the lobster quesadilla. A rich lobster taste with the cheesy goodness of a quesadilla? I couldn’t ask for more. We were stuffed afterwards (and no way could we finish it all). Everything was fresh, delicious, and tasted how I had always imagined pier food should.

We walked around the pier afterward and explored the arcade and shops with the chilly night breeze. Someone spotted a seal, but sadly it had ducked under ocean cover before we could spot it.

Redondo Beach is the perfect place for a laid back California beach experience, especially for those wanting to avoid the overly touristy locations (and are you kidding? Of course we did those too). And if you get hungry, we give two enthusiastic thumbs up for Quality Seafood Inc. It lived up to expectations!

So, have you ever been to Redondo Beach? What is your favorite Californian pier? Comment below and let me know!

See my helpful trip tips below for more information! 😊

Per Person Cost: $ (>25) $$(25-50) $$$(50-100) $$$$(100-200) $$$$$(200+)


We were lucky enough to be able to walk to the pier. Uber and Lyft were readily available. There is a limited beach parking near the pier as well.


Quality Seafood Inc: $$ Roughly a $30 meal—and we got our money’s worth!

Safety Tips

The pier is handicapped accessible, and boardwalk was in good condition, with lots of lookouts over the Pacific Ocean.


US Dollar: Credit card or debit card is accepted.

Locals and Odd Quirks

At Quality Seafood if you want a pop or drink with your meal, you order in a different line at the bar, not the food counter! Also, for the dining (outdoors) there is a table mat tear off for easy clean up for your table!

For more information:

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