50 ShIMG_4183ades of Adventure

Have you ever been scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram, or even your Facebook feed and see wondrous images of amazing sights, activities, and travel destinations? Have you felt the desire to go and see that amazing hidden waterfall, but then started wondering, how long and steep is that hike exactly? Whitewater rafting sounds fun, but would I be able to stay in the boat and not drown? I love the idea of swimming with dolphins, but how intimidatingly large are they once I’m in the water with them?

If you have ever felt the desire to go and see the world and experience it all, but are hampered by anxiety, practical questions, and legitimate fears of limitations, then this is the blog for you. The fact is, I have all of those same insecurities and more. I’m going traveling through the fears and concerns and will help answer some of those pesky questions and doubts that may hinder the more cautious traveler. Simply put, I’m going to be your guinea pig.

We all have that one friend who fearlessly climbs that trail, rides an elephant, scuba dives with sharks, seems to have the most amazing athletic prowess … Well, I’m not that effortless adventurer. I’m of average physical fitness, I have a fear of heights, I love animals, but am cautious around them. I worry about unknown costs and the small details. I’m a worrier who has a cautious nature, but I’m not letting it hold me back. As my sympathetic grandpa once told me, “Sometimes something is really scary and you really won’t want to do it. If that every happens, suck it up and do it anyway.” And that’s advice I’m taking to heart.

So, if the unknown is holding you back, I’m here to shine light on the dark questions of travel reality and show you some really amazing and cool tips, tricks, and hidden information along the way! I’m here to be your guinea pig—otherwise known as a test subject—your informal travel experiment to see the lay of the land.

I travel with my boyfriend for most of my trips and he adds a different perspective for me. This is probably because he’s that one person I mentioned, remember the fearless one who never stops to worry? Yes, that’s him Not everywhere I go will be an adrenaline adventure, but I love discovering the fascinating destinations of the USA and the world beyond and I’m eager to share the important information that will help you to make your own travel decisions. I’m here to put myself in the tight spots so you will know before you go!

I grew up in Southeastern Ohio on the border of Ohio and West Virginia. Besides a yearly vacation to Myrtle Beach, I never experienced travel until I relocated to Columbus, Ohio. Now I try to add to my ever-growing list of visited spots in the world.

I don’t travel for a living, instead I work to squeeze in as many side trips, annual vacations, and long weekends as possible to continue to satiate my travel thirst. I want to see all 50 shades of the USA and beyond!

I love the idea of rounded travel: activities, tours, food experiences, local living, and incredible sights. I also have a fascination with the haunted and paranormal, so look for some exciting haunted adventures as well!