Bucket List Items I’ve Crossed Off My List!


I am always adding to my list, so let me know if you think of anything awesome to add! Here are items I’ve managed to check off of my list so far! I will try to update this list each month. Fingers crossed it grows steadily! 🙂 I have managed to cross 113 items off of my list to date! 🙂

1. Learn a new language
5. Archery
8. Kayaking
9. Rafting
10. White water rafting
17. Connect with past teachers
18. Let someone know how much he/she means to you
19. Give a heartfelt surprise to someone
20. Perform a kind deed without expecting anything in return
21. Make a difference in someone’s life
28. Plant a tree and watch it grow
29. Get a pet
31. Learn wine appreciation
39. Whip a home-made meal for your loved ones
44. Contact a company you like just to thank them for their great product/service
46. Bury the hatchet with people whom you had conflicts with in the past
47. Get closure on any past unhappiness
53. Fall in love 🙂
56. Help someone in need
61. Personally Know Someone Famous
79. Create a Family Tree
88. Go to a drive-in movie theater
117. Finish a corn maze
126. Go ziplining
135. Parasail
170. Explore an Underground Cave
174. Get a Star Named After Me
176. Go Bar Hoping
194. Ride a Camel
204. Rapell
205. Do the Bridge Walk over the New River Gorge
224. Have a meaningful conversation with a stranger
233. Make a candle
246. Eat escargot
249. Eat raw oysters
254. Make a gingerbread house
262. Go to the movies by yourself
263. Have your picture published in a newspaper
265. Throw a themed party
266. Go to a renaissance festival
270. Attend a black tie gala
274. Own an original piece of artwork
287. Visit a tourist attraction in your own town
288. Tour a working farm
290. Take a trip with mom
338. Feed animals at the zoo
345. Paint a picture
346. Play darts
347. Be someone’s biggest fan
348. Take a day trip someplace new
351. Use the valet service
352. Do something that completely terrifies you
361. Enter a writing contest
364. Have a water balloon/water gun fight
370. Give a speech at a friend’s wedding
399. Travel somewhere by river boat
400. Tail-gate an American football game
407. Start a travel blog
414. Eat a Philly cheese steak in Philadelphia
419. Participate in a Zombie Experience
420. Attend a murder mystery dinner
435. Have a snow fight
436. Participate in speed dating
494. Go on a ghost tour
516. Have an all-day Netflix movie marathon
531. Work behind a bar
532. Work in hospitality
533. Work in a call center
534. Work in an office
537. Participate in an event to raise money for charity
552. Stay in a hostel
561. Feed a Crocodile/Alligator
563. Take a Falconry Class
566. Be a Bridesmaid
538. Go canoeing
539. Go on a Paintnite Event
581. Carve a pumpkin
588. Watch a Real Joust
602. Get ice cream from an ice cream truck.
612. Catch a firefly
623. Attend the Kentucky derby
626. Hold an Alligator
633. Foster an animal
634. Do a good dead for a stranger
643. Make Christmas Cookies
645. Go to a Jazz Bar
646. Try Whisky
650. Eat at a Real American Diner
656. Tour Mammoth National Caves
657. Take a Cave Lantern Tour
658. Feed and Pet a Kangaroo
659. Feed and Pet an Emu
660. Visit a Haunted Inn
661. Try Crab Legs
663. Fried Oysters
664. Try Black Mussels
665. Try White Mussels
668. Try Crab Imperial
667. Try Oysters Rockefeller
668. Try Banana Pudding
669. Try Flan
670. See a Solar Eclipse
671. Hold a Kangaroo
672. Pet a Penguin
673. Pet a Eurasian Lynx
674. Feed a Giraffe
675. Try Braised Short Ribs
676. Try a French Dip Sandwich
677. Try Blue Cheese
678. Try Coffee Cheese
679. Try Blueberry Goat Cheese
680. Try Manchago Cheese
681. Pet an Iguana


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