Camel Riding, Crab Legs, and Cradling a Kangaroo (Just A Bucket List Month)!

So it’s my goal to review every month or so and reveal some amazing bucket list desires I have crossed off of my (too huge to list SERIOUSLY it’s at the 600’s) bucket list. Combining July and August, I’ve had the chance to experience some once in a lifetime achievements!

I used to be a chicken tenders and French fries type of picky eater until I realized how fun discovering new food could be on a cruise! My boyfriend Marc might still tend to lean in this picky eating direction, but he has tried almost everything new I have recently. 🙂 This past summer I got to cross off a couple of delectable items off of my list!

No. 662. Eat Crab Legs √

We tried Cajun-style crab legs at a seafood buffet and I was sold at the first bite! I was worried crab might taste extremely fishy, but this had a pleasant salty seafood taste and the meat was so soft and flavorful, it didn’t even need butter. I can see why these are so highly rated and I would easily eat them again, any day any time! I was self-conscious about trying to crack open the legs, but I just held firmly on either end and the leg cracked open and the crab meat pulled out very easily. Way simpler than I had feared!

No. 675. Braised Short Ribs √

I tried this at an event and it was surprisingly tasty! Imagine beef pot roast that melts like butter in your mouth. It cut so easily I was shocked! Yes, the best way I can describe is the most expensive tasting pot roast you will ever eat! 🙂

No. 679. Blueberry Goat Cheese √

Marc and I joined friends at a winery for a winetasting and little did we know the cheese sampler would be the star! I tried a variety of cheeses, but the blueberry goat cheese (I had never tried any goat cheese) was so incredible! It was pretty sweet and very soft with pieces of actually blueberries in the cheese to give it that pop of acid and sugar. It was incredible. And yes, when asked if we wanted to buy any wine, we did ask if we could buy the cheese and sadly they did not.

No. 194. Ride a Camel √


I have wanted to do this since I saw the opportunity to ride camels at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. One hot summer day this summer, I boldy decided I would forfeit the seven dollars and ride a camel! I got to ride Ghost (the tallest camel and youngest). Ghost was also the slowest (so I got the longest ride—score!). The next visit, I forced Marc to also stand in line with the tiny children and ride, which he completely enjoyed after his initial refusal! I will say, riding on a camel, you are SO HIGH in the air. I felt very tall in on Ghost’s back, but my fears about discomfort were unfounded. There was a bar to hold onto and the sway was smooth and not jarring as he walked. Mostly I was worried about his back being bony and uncomfortable, but to my surprise it was a natural seat and very nice to ride. I want to do this again!

No. 135. Parasail √


I will be doing a longer, more in depth post later about this adventure in the next couple of weeks, but basically, you’ve gotta do it once in your life! So high above on the ocean you get a view of the water and shoreline that doesn’t compare to any other! It felt similar to riding in a fair swing. The water dip was a little rough and Marc and my cousin and I all swallowed a bit of water, but no one was eaten by a shark and we even survived the bouncy banana boat ride to and from the boat!

No. 290. Take a Trip with Mom √


I’d wanted to take my mom on a vacation for a long, long time. Basically she dedicated her life to taking care of me and making my life great and it was long past due. We had a blast and she really loved getting to go see the ocean (and she even got to enjoy a pool bar 🙂  ). It’s worth it, it’s one of the best trips you’ll ever take, and you need to do it asap if you haven’t!

No. 671. Hold a Kangaroo √


Luckily Marc (as a resident in a great residency program) is invited to a yearly physician appreciation party and I get invited too! This year it was at one of my favorite places in this world, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium! We were sipping cocktails and lo and behold a man carrying a kangaroo in a purse appeared and let you hold the joey! I waited (so patiently) for my turn and got to hold a baby kangaroo! He was so snuggly and loved the attention. He was not nervous in the slightest and was a total attention seeker! It was so fun!

No. 672. Pet a Penguin 


At this same party, I heard a rumor there was a penguin and would you believe it? A penguin was waddling around a table and the keeper was letting you pet him. I had never before petted a penguin and believe it or not, I think he was the softest animal I have ever touched (even more so than cats or baby kangaroos!) and not oily at all! They look wet even when they haven’t been in the water, but his feathers were downy soft. IT was almost like touching the inside of the finest Egyptian feather pillow. He was definitely the cutest attraction—hands down!

What have you checked off of your bucket list? Have you checked any of these off? 🙂

26 thoughts on “Camel Riding, Crab Legs, and Cradling a Kangaroo (Just A Bucket List Month)!

    1. Oh thank you so much! I surprised her for Christmas and we went in July and our last day we stood by the ocean and she said it was her favorite vacation! I’m so incredibly lucky to have my mom as my best friend and it sounds like you have a similar relationship! 🙂 They deserve to be treated with the best! Thank you so much for reading!


    1. It was! I took my mom to myrtle beach in South Carolina! It’s a place my family has gone when I was younger And my mom loved returning! We stayed at Hotel Blue which is the only hotel with a pool bar in the state! I’m going to try to write about the beach trip in my next posts! 🙂 thank you so much for reading! 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I can’t seem to stop adding things haha so it’s gotten a little large lol 🙂 that’s why I decided to post what I’ve done only … it might have been a little much! 🙂 I’m so excited to try it all! Thank you so much for reading and good luck on your list … I don’t think there’s anything more satisfying than checking something off of mine! 🙂

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  1. hahahah….. the camel ride got me! I did this once in Egypt and screamed the whole time thinking I was going to fall off. I am sure there in the states it is a much more secure ride. I am glad I discovered ur blog it looks like a ton of fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, they have attached a bar to the camel that forms a makeshift pommel! 🙂 And you mount the camel while it’s standing so I’m sure the swaying stand up motion would be scary! lol Riding a camel in Egypt sounds incredible! Thank you so much for reading and checking out my blog! I will do the same with yours! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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